About Match Marketing Group

Match Marketing Group is a national retail merchandising company, which supplies reset, remodel, new product launches and installation services to retailers and brands like Kroger, Walmart, L’Oreal US and Procter & Gamble. Founded in 2001, the company also has a fully automated secure warehousing, fulfillment and logistics center, which offers its clients a solution for complete distribution, transportation and delivery services. Perhaps the biggest advantage Match Marketing Group offers its customers is its advanced technology, which allows for seamless communication with customers.

For more information about Match Marketing Group, visit www.matchmg.com.

The situation

Match Marketing Group relies on Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group for business intelligence, Microsoft SharePoint work, network infrastructure design and support, Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac ERP) customization and support, and customized reporting.

Sharon Paul, leader of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group, initially worked with Match Marketing Group to improve the way the company’s leaders could analyze projects. Before, they analyzed projects through the company’s accounting software package, Sage 300 ERP (Accpac), using work in process. Using this approach, however, it was not possible to know exactly how projects were doing due to lack of strong project reporting. Now, Match Marketing Group looks at projects through a much more practical lens, on a time and materials basis, and uses custom reports built by Gross Mendelsohn and designed in tandem with Match Marketing Group to analyze projects. Gross Mendelsohn continues to provide ongoing Sage 300 (Accpac) support to Match Marketing Group.

Bill Walter and his team of network engineers provide Match Marketing Group ongoing IT support, as well as high level advice about how to keep improving the company’s infrastructure.

Tony Marinaro built a Microsoft SharePoint Online site, which opens up the communication between Match Marketing Group and their customers. The SharePoint site allows issue tracking in retailers’ stores when there is a problem with a reset or merchandiser. SharePoint offers Match Marketing Group and their customers a mutually-accessible, centralized place to track and respond to issues.

Michael Marinaro developed a SQL Reporting Services business intelligence (BI) site with graphs, a dashboard and reports, accessed from a browser, to show profitability on projects for key executives, team leaders and designated Match Marketing Group employees. The site allows access to users with appropriate rights regardless of whether they have access to a Sage 300 ERP user license, the accounting / ERP package and one of the sources of data for the project reports, in addition to the company’s merchandising and scheduling system. The dashboards allow Match Marketing Group to proactively monitor projects.

In our client's words

“The biggest impact Gross Mendelsohn has had on Match Marketing Group has come from outstanding programming. The technology consultants at the firm have really added the ability for us to manage our business better. We are stronger as a company and able to make better decisions than ever before because of the information we now have available to us.

Tony Marinaro and Mike Marinaro are just brilliant. They have really wowed me. The platform they’ve built for us in Microsoft SharePoint has really opened up communication with our customers.

Bill Walter is very accessible, organized, gives advice on equipment and networking. He has done a phenomenal job with troubleshooting, but is also helping us form a strategy to move forward and take our IT infrastructure to the next level.

I like how the firm’s technology consultants not only come up with good solutions to our needs, but also give us practical options for how to solve a problem. We can then choose the path we go down, knowing it has already been well thought out by the Gross Mendelsohn team. It also helps that we often come in on or under budget on our technology projects.

Sharon Paul, the lead partner on our account, works with us from a strategic standpoint. She stays in the loop and is well aware of what is going on in the day-to-day work her team is doing for us.

There is a huge trust between Match Marketing Group and the Gross Mendelsohn team. The technology consultants dig in and really get things done. They are tenacious. When unexpected situations arise, they are there for me and see them through.”

-- Patti Morehouse, EVP Projects / Partner