About Fuchs North America

Fuchs North America is one of the food industry’s leading seasoning manufacturers. The company has earned a reputation for its innovative research and development program, quality product line, and food trend analysis. Visit Fuchs North America at www.fuchsnorthamerica.com.

The situation

Prior to working with Gross Mendelsohn, Fuchs North America relied on an employee-built sales tracking system. The leadership team, however, was not confident in the in-house system’s data storage or programming. After evaluating several CRM (customer relationship management) systems, Fuchs called on Gross Mendelsohn to install and customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Once installed and customized for Fuchs North America’s operations and processes, Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group provided training to the manufacturing company’s CRM users.

In our client's words

Beth McNally of Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group really took the time to understand our business as we talked about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM would work for Fuchs North America,” says Ken Wuestenfeld, VP of sales and business development at Fuchs. “Our company is unique in that all of our products are custom products. The time Beth took to learn the nuances of our company was critical as she customized the CRM system for us.”

“The customizations that Gross Mendelsohn incorporated into our CRM system are great. Custom reports,” says Ken, “are extremely helpful with project and sales management. For example, we have about 500 active projects at any given time. Our custom reports give us details of each project, including due dates and where we stand with product development. Some of our reports give us a 10,000-foot look at projects, yet we can drill down to look at specific customers and prospects. The reports enable us to know the types of projects we are getting from each customer. Monthly sales reports track sales by person and product grouping, and also show month-to-date and year-to-date sales.”

Cindy DePalma handles inside sales for Fuchs and is a “power user” of the company’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. “Beth provided our team with training along with a wonderful customized manual,” recalls Cindy.

Ken and Cindy agree that Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows everyone at Fuchs to share key information with each other. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers much better security from an IT standpoint than the old system did. According to Cindy, “CRM lets us record all information about an account in one place. Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a robust and sophisticated system, it’s very user friendly.”

-- Ken Wuestenfeld / Cindy DePalma, VP of Sales & Business Development / Inside Sales