About Maryland China Company, Inc.

Maryland China Company has offered fine white porcelain and ceramic items to porcelain artists, commercial decorators and consumers since 1910. The fourth generation company has earned a reputation for supplying objects of beauty that look great either white or painted. Maryland China Company has developed a strong network of factory suppliers around the world, offering customers the best selection from over 100 manufacturers in eight countries. Visit the company at www.marylandchina.com.

The situation

Maryland China hired Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group in 2003 to handle its Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation.

Since then, the firm’s technology specialists have integrated Maryland China’s website with Dynamics GP, the company’s accounting system. The product catalog on Maryland China’s website is fully integrated with Dynamics GP’s Sales Transaction Entry. Chris Haiss, Michael Marinaro and Tony Marinaro of the Technology Solutions Group have worked on the customizations and integrations of Maryland China’s Dynamics GP system.

The firm’s networking specialists – Bill Walter, Kiel Moore and Jeremy Weisinger – handle all of Maryland China’s IT infrastructure upgrades and support.

In our client's words

“Maryland China needed a stable network with a comprehensive software package. We met with Chris Haiss from Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group and she discussed our options clearly and honestly. We were impressed by her experience and ability to understand our business needs. Trusting her judgment, we moved forward with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP. It was clear from the time we implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP that Gross Mendelsohn had outstanding accounting system expertise.

They now handle all work related to Microsoft Dynamics GP, including customizations, training, and integration with our website. All of our customers’ orders go through both our website and accounting system, making it easier for us to handle orders, invoices and inventory. They also helped us implement a credit card processing system on our website and inside our accounting system.

Gross Mendelsohn’s networking experts help with all things related to IT administration, including keeping our servers up, backing up our systems, email administration, and printing.

Put simply, Gross Mendelsohn’s technology specialists make sure all of our IT systems run reliably and securely.”

-- Jonathan Weiner, Owner / Vice President