Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group has expertise in accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for manufacturers and distributors. Our consultants are trained accountants and seasoned technology professionals. This unique combination of skills can be a valuable resource to your company.


A streamlined manufacturing system gives you the ability to produce a better quality product and schedule labor by work center while maintaining low inventory and cost. Knowing the true unit cost can maximize profitability, but manufacturers must also be able to react to customer changes by knowing what stage a work order is in within the product routing. Additionally, you must optimize parts flow and control material movement using Bill of Materials, Purchase Order, Inventory, Material Requirements Planning and Work Order Processing.

Gross Mendelsohn’s Manufacturing & Distribution Group has years of experience in the manufacturing industry and is shared with our Technology Solutions Group. We understand the importance of increasing operational efficiency. Our primary goal is to improve process information that will ultimately make your business more successful by:

  • Integrating the manufacturing process with sales, procurement, inventory, accounting and management reporting.
  • Tracking and effectively managing the flow of materials from raw to finished.
  • Accessing work in process information to get an accurate schedule of resources, production stage and unit cost.


To be most profitable, distributors need to fully meet customer demands at the lowest possible cost. Although developing accurate demand forecasts and optimizing inventory levels are challenging tasks, both are necessary. An efficient distribution system should give you real-time access and reporting of accurate information and for many distributors, strong warehouse management. It should also eliminate manual procedures and improve the flow of information between sales, customer service, warehouse, shipping, purchasing and accounting departments. Having full insight into your distribution processes helps improve planning and strengthen customer and supplier relationships.

Working with Gross Mendelsohn’s Manufacturing & Distribution Group allows us to deliver specialized technology service as well as accounting and business consulting services.

Our Technology Solutions Group has the industry expertise to help make your business successful. We have a proven track record of helping distributors operate their business efficiently while finding ways to reduce costs by:

  • Providing your sales department with accurate data to create more reliable forecasts and allowing access to customer information anywhere, on any device or browser.
  • Allowing purchasing to collaborate with sales and customers to understand and plan for demand accordingly.
  • Providing operations real-time access to warehouse inventory, customer order status, sales, purchasing, and financial information.

Having the right accounting software in place is essential. But setting up and maintaining a robust and secure network can also be a daunting task. Gross Mendelsohn’s Technology Solutions Group offers comprehensive, customized network design and support services for manufacturers and distributors.