ComputerEase is a construction accounting and management software package that offers integrated estimating, job costing, project management and accounting. ComputerEase is a modular and fully-scalable software package for construction companies of all sizes, specifically general contractors, and residential and commercial contractors and subcontractors.

Construction industry expertise

General contractors Electrical contractors Plumbing contractors
Home builders Residential contractors Commercial contractors
Excavation contractors Roadway contractors Bridge contractors
Demolition contractors Remodeling contractors Specialty contractors
Roofing contractors Masonry contractors Concrete contractors
HVAC contractors Restoration contractors Subcontrators

Project management

Project managers need to schedule staff, analyze profits and manage jobs. They must accurately keep track of job schedules and job documents such as change orders, submittals, subcontract agreements and lien waivers. Management tools such as Gantt chart schedules, workload dockets and daily schedule “magnet boards” give your project managers real time access to information about labor, material and resource costs to ensure maximum job profitability.

Check out ComputerEase’s FieldEase iSeries, which provides anytime, anywhere access to core ComputerEase project management tasks. It’s perfect for construction companies with multiple offices or job sites.

Service management

Manage service contracts more efficiently and streamline your service department by creating a customized dispatch board and analyzing profit by technician, job site, customer or sales representative. ComputerEase can help speed up the work order process by dispatching calls via FieldEase (a remote data entry program) on tablet PCs. FieldEase electronic work orders reduce your technicians’ trips between the field and office, which means more service work and less paperwork.


Bid day is a hectic process. Let ComputerEase and the Bid Schedule ease the work and manage your bids by providing a central location for all the necessary data for your estimate. It keeps track of all bids received from your vendors in a timeline format, allowing you to see who responded and their estimates. The Bid Schedule allows you to easily manage multiple bids at once and keep track of various due dates. With the click of a button you can award contracts and easily issue subcontractor agreements.

Job costing

ComputerEase helps you take control of your job costs with the Job Center dashboard which provides vital job information at a glance. Drilling down into further detail provides powerful and accurate job costing reports that help you stay on top of your jobs. With all this information at your fingertips, you are able to produce more accurate estimates based on historical job data.

Construction accounting

If you’re using generalized accounting software for your construction business, you’re probably also using spreadsheets, duplicating data entry and developing workarounds to get the results you need. ComputerEase is a complete accounting and operations system built to handle the complexities of the construction industry, such as certified payroll, union reports and AIA invoicing. Our Technology Solutions Group has strong expertise in the construction industry and understands the importance of using a comprehensive construction accounting and operations system. ComputerEase fully integrates these industry-specific tasks and provides powerful reporting capabilities to help improve your bottom line.

ComputerEase can be installed locally on your internal network or hosted in the cloud.