More and more companies are realizing that individual and organizational productivity can be improved by using business collaboration tools. Microsoft SharePoint is the platform that provides a unique set of capabilities to automate tasks and connect and empower employees in your organization.


Compartmentalized tasks and workloads can trap information and slow your business down. Using built-in and customizable workflows in Microsoft SharePoint automates manual tasks and helps reduce the risk of stalled projects.

In addition, Microsoft SharePoint enables employees to share ideas, find people with specific expertise and locate business information quickly and efficiently. With Microsoft SharePoint communities, employees can work together regardless of whether they are on the road or in another office and improve communication so they can complete tasks effectively and efficiently as a team.

Content management

All businesses share the same document management challenges, such as having multiple copies of the same file, inconsistent user permissions and the endless need for increased disk space. Microsoft SharePoint eliminates these problems and enables you to effectively manage and control your data by enforcing the use of one, shared file and ensuring business processes (workflows) are used so that the document gets to the relevant employee with the proper security.

Microsoft SharePoint stores and organizes all types of content including Microsoft Office documents, media files, web pages and social networking content like blogs and wikis. With enhanced search capabilities, you can quickly locate the information you need to rapidly respond to business needs.

Business intelligence

Everyone in your organization should not have access to your accounting software, but they should have access to specific, relevant information that can help them effectively get the job done.

Microsoft SharePoint can seamlessly integrate with your accounting software (such as Microsoft Dynamics GP) to give your employees real time access to information and reports without full access to your financial suite. Business owners and management teams can make informed decisions by analyzing financial data with robust tools such as interactive dashboards and scorecards.

Microsoft SharePoint also enables your employees to enter time and expenses while out of the office and automatically update payroll or project accounting. Or, utilize Microsoft SharePoint for human resource purposes by allowing your employees to view their paychecks or view time off, sick time and vacation hours. Members of our Technology Solutions Group not only have the expertise to integrate Microsoft SharePoint with your accounting software, but also with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft SharePoint can be deployed on site or in the cloud with the online version. In either deployment, your employees can have on-demand access from a web browser, smartphone or from directly within the Microsoft Office suite.