Microsoft SQL Server is the underlying platform on which many ERP and business productivity packages are built. It runs in the background, storing and retrieving data. But, most importantly, it allows you to gain valuable insight into your business with the ability to create custom inquiries, reports, dashboards, and alerts, giving you countless ways to analyze data.

Microsoft SQL Server is available in four editions to fit your business’s needs.

Express Edition

This free version of SQL Server provides basic database functionality and is commonly used by small companies. SQL Server Express includes a 10GB database with backup and restore functionality.

Standard Edition

SQL Server Standard Edition is typically used by medium and large businesses. It allows for more users, automated database maintenance and backup plans, and can link to other databases to provide consolidated reporting and dashboards. The reporting tool is also given additional functionality in the form of data models that give users the ability to write, schedule, and distribute their own reports.

Business Intelligence Edition

This new version of SQL Server supercharges your reporting with PowerView and PowerPivot, giving users self-service business intelligence and additional analysis tools to drill into data. With a tight integration into Microsoft Excel, your users can slice and dice data with a tool they are already familiar with.

Enterprise Edition

Built for large organizations, SQL Server Enterprise Edition provides high availability and replication between multiple sites and systems. Other features such as online restore options and data compression and partitioning are useful for managing and maintaining larger databases.

With several team members holding certifications in Microsoft SQL Server, our Technology Solutions Group has the experience to build custom reports and dashboards for your company’s unique data analysis needs.