Email is an essential business communication tool. It’s quick, reliable and should be an effective tool within your organization. Instead, it has become increasingly difficult to manage as users are burdened with spam, phishing and viruses.

Increase productivity by eliminating unwanted email

Our Technology Solutions Group can help you increase productivity by eliminating time spent reviewing unwanted email. We can setup an affordable and effective gateway service that prevents spam from reaching your network and works with any sized email server (without additional hardware).

Spam and virus protection

Content is analyzed in real time against a database of billions of emails to identify emerging threats, ensuring spam and virus-infected messages are blocked before they reach your inbox. The potentially harmful messages are quarantined in your message center, which can be accessed from any web browser. From there, you can safely read messages without infecting your computer, approve and block senders, and adjust email filter settings.

Email spooling ensures uninterrupted email flow

With an email management solution, you can rest assured that in the event of server failure or loss of Internet service, you will not lose incoming email. Instead, your email is spooled to a temporary storage area until service is restored, providing an additional layer to your business continuity plan.

Designed for businesses of all types and sizes, an email management system can help keep your network secure and your employees productive.