More employees than ever work remotely and / or use mobile devices to access network resources. A secure remote access solution can be implemented for organizations of all types and sizes and should be an essential part of any business continuity plan.

Remote access helps increase productivity by enabling your employees to work from home, the road … virtually anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition to providing your mobile workforce with anytime access, it will keep your business running in the event of a flood, hurricane, blizzard or terrorist act.

If you’re like most business owners and IT managers, security is one of your biggest concerns. Our Technology Solutions Group’s network engineers have extensive experience implementing remote access solutions. They understand the importance of providing your mobilized workforce with secure remote access to data and applications.


Increase productivity by giving your employees on-demand access to Windows applications from a web interface, smartphone or even an iPad.

Citrix is a remote access solution that virtualizes applications to deliver optimal desktop and application performance in a secure environment.

Reduce IT spending by accessing Citrix on your local area network (LAN). Since all processing takes place on the Citrix server, you can eliminate the need for powerful workstations and use thin clients instead.

Citrix also acts as a centralized application management system, which reduces the cost of desktop management while increasing IT efficiency. Instead of installing and updating your applications on every computer, Citrix allows you to manage one instance of an application. Software updates are managed just as easily. Once the application has been updated on the Citrix server, all users have immediate access to the latest version of the program.

Our Citrix Certified Administrators can help design and implement a Citrix solution that is tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services)

As part of Windows Server 2012, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) uses virtualization technologies to provide users with a secure, flexible desktop that enables them to work efficiently from any location.

These desktops can be session-based, running on the local machine, or virtual machine-based, which runs on centralized servers in a data center. In either deployment, screen images are delivered to users with the same look and feel of local applications.

Windows Server 2012 R2, paired with Windows 8, offers new technology to deliver media-rich applications, improving the end user’s efficiency.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using an SSL-VPN appliance, you can create a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) between remote users and your network. Your authorized employees can access applications and other network resources just as they would if they were in the office. The SSL-VPN appliance provides powerful security features, ensuring the connection between the remote device and network is secure.