May 17, 2017

The Prescription You Need To Eliminate Accounts Receivable Headaches

by: Elizabeth McNally
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If you’re in customer service or accounts receivable, we know there are certain parts of your job that cause headaches. While we know you love your job, we also know you would love to alleviate just a few of those daily pain points. So, we’re playing doctor for the day to give you a prescription that’ll help you get through your day-to-day tasks, without ibuprofen.

The Symptoms

How many calls do you get from clients requesting a copy of an invoice? Or asking what their current balance is? Or perhaps they need to review an open order. Calls from customers are never a bad thing, but admit it—these types of calls can be an inconvenience to you as they interrupt your workflow. This article from the Washington Post reported that interruptions cost employees an unhealthy six hours in productivity per day. Wow! And if you’re busy or overloaded with customer calls, you risk delaying your invoicing, or worse, hurting customer satisfaction.

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A secure, self-serve customer portal will help you avoid interruptions. Your client can log into the portal, review their open invoices and orders, check the status of their account and even make a payment via credit card. What does this mean? For one, you’re giving autonomy to your clients and freeing up your phone lines. Additionally, you no longer have to make trips to the bank to make deposits—yippee!

The Prescription

North49 to the rescue! This Sage Gold Development Partner offers a secure and easy-to-use self-serve customer portal. Utilizing their technology with your Sage 300 ERP system will help you free up your phone lines and put the power in the customer’s hands. Let’s take a closer look at North49’s self-serve customer portal.


North49 integrates seamlessly with your Sage 300 ERP system. When your customer logs into your portal they will see this clean, intuitive platform in the image to the left.


We’re guessing you get a ton of customers who call and say, “I’m looking for the status of my account.” How much time could you free up if your customer could check for himself or herself through an online portal? Are you relieved just thinking about it? Customers can access their account information with no phone call required.



Perhaps they need a copy of an invoice. In “View Transactions,” your customer can filter documents such as invoices, credit/debit notes, payments and orders, to include all or only open documents.


They will also be able to drill down on specific records and print the document for their records. That will save you and your team a ton of time pulling, scanning and emailing (or faxing—yikes) those essential records.




It’s easy-as-pie for your customer to select which invoices they would like to pay, and to process those payments via credit card. This gets the cash into your account faster, and sends an AR receipt to your Sage 300 system.


Not all customers are ready to make payments online, and we understand that. If your customers prefer to send a payment by check, the portal still gives them the opportunity to review invoices, orders and current credit status. All without a phone call…or Tylenol for your staff.

Need Help?

If you’re in customer service or accounts receivable, we know you’re ready to sign up ASAP, but you have to convince the boss first. Contact us here or chat with our Sage 300 expert, Beth McNally, MCPS, at 410.916.9734. We’re ready to help convince your team that this tool can boost your productivity and your customer satisfaction.







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