Tekoa Gamble

IT Manager

Tekoa Gamble

Connect with Tekoa:

When she’s not busy supporting our own network, you can possibly find Tekoa Gamble playing with her functional Atari game system.

Gaming aside, Tekoa is knowledgeable in network design, configuration, management and support. She is well versed in email and backup systems, internet access, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), remote access solutions, antivirus solutions and technology planning.

She is a valuable resource for our in-field tech consultants, who rely on Tekoa for her proven track record of researching, troubleshooting and resolving IT problems. Chances are, if one of our clients runs into a particular issue, Tekoa has either experienced it herself or knows how to find the answer.

Tekoa is known for finding solutions and workarounds to problems that others cannot quickly resolve. She enjoys collaborating with others to brainstorm on projects and helping others understand how IT can increase productivity, security and efficiency.


Bachelor of science degree in business information systems, Stevenson University

Just for Fun

  • Tekoa still has and plays with a functional Atari game system.
  • How many people can recite The Pledge of Allegiance in Latin? Tekoa can.
  • Tekoa loves puzzles.