How to Edit 1099 Vendor Codes or Amounts In Sage 300

By: Sharon Paul on December 19, 2017

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How to Edit 1099 Vendor Codes or Amounts In Sage 300

ERP and CRM Systems

Year end procedures can be a big hassle if you discover a discrepancy. Here's a quick, easy guide for fixing or adjusting a 1099 vendor code or amount. 

To Change a 1099 Code
  1. Go to A/P vendors and select vendors
  2. Select the vendor with the issue
  3. Click on the invoicing tab
  4. Choose the correct 1099 code
  5. Click on save, and then close

To Allow Editing of 1099 Amounts

  1. Go to A/P set up and select options
  2. Select transactions tab
  3. Check off allow edit of 1099/CPRS amounts
  4. Click save, and then close

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To Update a Vendor’s 1099 Amount:

  1. Go to A/P Vendors and choose A/P 1099/CPRS Inquiry
  2. Filter to Vendor(s)
  3. Filter to the incorrect 1099 Code
  4. Click on the double arrows (Go option)
  5. Note the information for all entries listed
  6. Filter to the correct 1099 Code
  7. Click on the double arrows (Go option)
  8. Press the insert key to add a new line
  9. Enter the appropriate information for the detail line
  10. Repeat the previous two steps for each detail line
  11. Filter to the incorrect 1099 Code
  12. Click on the double arrows (Go option)
  13. Press the delete key to remove the incorrect detail lines individually

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