[Video] What To Expect From Sage 300 In 2018

[Video] What To Expect From Sage 300 In 2018

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You don’t need a crystal ball to get a good picture of what’s happening at Sage headquarters. For 2018, Sage is unveiling a slew of new software updates to both Sage 300 classic and Sage 300Cloud (formerly known as Sage 300c).

Let’s look at some of the big changes for 2018.

General Improvements

You can now receive customer and vendor copies of emails that you send to customers or vendors. In the “send copies to” field on the email tab of the company profile screen, enter one or more email addresses where copies should be sent.

With new tax history clearing options, you can control which transactions are cleared by entering a range of tax authorities and entering fiscal periods or document dates.

Expect tighter security with expanded user security settings. Do this by customizing Sage 300 so that users see only companies for which they have security rights. Check out this blog post to learn how simple changes, like updating user permissions, can be a powerful tool in keeping your system secure. Refer to this Sage knowledgebase article for configuration details.

Sage 300Cloud Web Screen Updates

Sage 300Cloud is the new name for Sage300c.

You’ll see more breathing room, leaving you with more room to work. The navigation menu was moved to the left side of the screen and it’s now possible to hide the web toolbar.

Menu items are now listed in a more meaningful order to make them easier to find resulting in improved navigation. In addition, administrative services, common services, bank services, and tax services are now at the top level of the menu along with other modules.

Data export filters allow you to apply filters to export only data that meets certain criteria.

Now you can use enhanced language settings to specify your preferred language on the screen without having to set the language in your browser (applies to both Sage 300 classic and 300Cloud).

Also, user languages now include locales that identify the user’s country or region and adjusts the presentation or formatting of some information, such as dates.

But Wait! There’s More!

Watch this 10 minute clip of my latest Sage 300 Users Group to get more juicy details about what to expect from Sage.

Want more Sage information? Watch the full users group recording here.



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